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The obstacles you overcome

A life transition calls for a new concept of time. You no longer have the luxury of waiting to clear the deck so you can focus on your new goal. You've moved to fantasyland when you say, "I'll begin planning my transition next month, when I have more time."

When people want to move to career freedom, often they don't want a new career at all. They love their career -- but they also want a life, too.

We've all had moments when we feel we're just to tired to work on that article or resume or special report.

"My vision of career freedom doesn't pay enough to live on, but I really want to do it."

You've embarked on a major career transition and your enthusiasm is growing. Just when you get a small fire going, someone comes along with a heavy wet blanket.

Feeling trapped by lack of funds? We can learn from those who live comfortably and retire early. They use language differently from those who are stuck in a scarcity process.

As a die-hard New Yorker, I learned to drive after I moved west as an elderly twenty-one-year-old. Night driving was a special challenge and the instructor reminded me, "Don't drive past your headlights."

Overcoming obstacles to career change and life transition:
time, money and confidence

Loneliness is a taboo topic. We are taught, "If you're lonely, it's your own fault." Needless to say, I disagree.

Career freedom-seekers often ask: "Should I give up my job and move to Montana?" Or, "Should I quit my job to start a business?"

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